Key Features

Modern design

A black frames creates a contemporary look

Magnetic opening

Cover attaches with magnets to easily change graphics

High luminosity

Delivering 5000 LUX, this one of our most luminous lightboxes

Display versatility

A range of installation solutions to suit each situation


Hidden clips on the reverse of this single-sided LED poster frame allow the frame to be easily clipped on to a wide variety of our display solutions including VM Wall and VM Box. Using VM Wall, multiple VM Two Clip frames can be displayed together in horizontal or vertical rows with power travelling through the rods of the VM Wall structure. In a vertical VM Wall installation, there is an additional option to tilt A4 sized frames to a preferred viewing angle.

VM Box works in a similar way and again enables a number of VM Two Clip frames to be arranged together on this unique freestanding display solution. Here, frames can be mixed together by simply clipping and unclipping them onto the rods of the VM Box with displays including A4 portrait and landscape and A3 portrait.

Technical Specification

A4 frame dimensions 335 x 248mm
A3 Frame dimensions 458 x 335mm
A2 Frame dimensions 632 x 458mm
A1 Frame dimensions 875 x 632mm
A0 Frame dimensions 1251 x 903mm
Depth 9mm
Combine panel formats Portrait and landscape frames in all sizes are compatible with one another
Electric tension 24 Volts
LED light intensity 5000 Lux
Number of LEDs 135 (A3 frame)
Fixing system Internal
Double-sided lit panel No, single-sided illumination
Watt format A4 5W
Watt format A3 7.5W
Watt format A2 10.5W
Watt format A1 26.5W
Watt format A0 35W
Compatible solutions VM Wall (horizontal & vertical rods), VM Box, VM Z (A4 only), VM 160 (A2 only), VM Document Holder (A3), Mobile Stand Easy Clip



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