Key Features


Maximise display space by advertising on both lit-sides

Hidden fixings

Suspend frames with the innovative VM Cable solution

High luminosity

Delivering 5000 LUX, this one of our most luminous lightboxes

Slim profile

At just 9mm across A4 to A0 formats


With innovative, hidden fixings, the VM Two frame is compatible with our VM Cable solution which enables frames to be suspended within a window display. The frames appear to float on the cables due to the internal fixing system. VM Two window compositions created with our cable solution can be planned to create a perfect fit for each window using our specially designed inter-frame connectors which are available in three different lengths. Available in landscape and portrait orientations in A4 to A0 size frames, VM Two frames can be hung in a combination of sizes and orientations using the inter-frame connectors.

With a 5000 LUX light intensity, the VM Two frame is highly energy efficient drawing just 5W for an A4 frame and 35W for the largest A0 frame size.

Technical Specification

A4 frame dimensions 335 x 248mm
A3 Frame dimensions 458 x 335mm
A2 Frame dimensions 632 x 458mm
A1 Frame dimensions 875 x 632mm
A0 Frame dimensions 1251 x 903mm
Depth 9mm
Combine panel formats Portrait and landscape frames in all sizes are compatible with one another
Electric tension 24 Volts
LED light intensity 5000 Lux
Number of LEDs 135 (A3 frame)
Fixing system Internal
Double-sided lit panel Yes
Watt format A4 5W
Watt format A3 7.5W
Watt format A2 10.5W
Watt format A1 26.5W
Watt format A0 35W
Compatible solutions VM Cable, VM Dock Sleek



LED Poster Case | Illuminated Poster Frame


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