Key Features

Innovative Fixings

Unique hanging system for easy installation

Double-sided Illumination

Maximise your advertising space by displaying graphics on both sides

High Luminosity

With 5000 LUX it is one of the most luminous lightboxes on the market

Display Versatility

Use our VM Cable system to create adaptable display solutions


VM Double C2 Max has been designed with a bevelled edge and features rounded Inox fixings which are exposed to give a contemporary look to the frame. Each frame is double-sided, 9mm thick and available in A4 to A1 sizes in landscape or portrait orientation.

The VM Double C2 Max frames are compatible with the VM Cable suspension system and have been designed to fit within our tilted fixing set where they can be tilted from 0 to 90 degrees. This ensures multiple frames of the same size and orientation can be suspended together in rows with frames angled to create easier viewing of the displayed graphic.

Technical Specification

A4 frame dimensions 379 x 296mm
A3 Frame dimensions 502 x 379mm
A2 Frame dimensions 676 x 502mm
A1 Frame dimensions 924 x 676mm
Depth 9mm
Combine panel formats Fixtures do not allow combinations of different panel formats
Electric tension 24 Volts
LED light intensity 5000 Lux
Number of LEDs 135 (A3 frame)
Fixing system External, Inox rounded fixings
Double-sided lit panel Yes
Watt format A4 5W
Watt format A3 7.5W
Watt format A2 10.5W
Watt format A1 26.5W
Compatible solutions VM Cable



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