General FAQs

Do frames come with a warranty?

Yes, all our LED frames are supplied with a two year warranty when used with our approved power supplies.

What do I do if I have a problem with my display?

Our suppliers have all been selected for their excellent customer service, please contact your supplier if you experience any issues with your display and they will be able to help you problem solve.

Where can I get literature on the products?

Each LED frame has a downloadable brochure on its product page.

Can I purchase spare parts?

Yes, there are various accessories and spare parts available which can be obtained from your supplier.

My area of business isn’t featured on the supplier list.

Please simply look for your nearest or most similar industry supplier and they will be able to help.


Planning and installing your display


What are your tips to hide the cables when installing the VM Wall?

We recommend cutting the wires to size and attaching them using a domino or installing a cable duct to hide the cables inside it. The ideal solution is to hide the cable in the wall cavity where possible.

The visuals I have placed into my double-sided display frame are shadowing through to each other. What can be done to reduce this?

Simply insert a blank piece of paper between the two panels.

With the large format frames providing less than 5000 Lux, will the difference in luminosity be noticeable if small and large panels are mixed?

The difference can be seen initially. However, once visuals are inserted into the display frames the differences will be minimal and virtually invisible to the eye.

Can I place the large VM Two formats in the same column as the small formats? Which formats are compatible? Which formats are not compatible?

Yes, the space between the fixtures is the same for all the display panels except for the A0 format.  In fact, the spacing for the fixtures on the A0 display frame is of 56cm. For all the other panels, it is 17cm.

Do I have to install a straight display panel at the top of a tilted column?

No, this is not mandatory, however, we recommend that you do so to ensure the stability of the column.

At what distance from my display window must the track be installed?

There is no defined distance, however we recommend a distance ranging from between 8cm to 20cm. This is due to the fact that if the track is too close to the window, there is a risk that the reflection of the frames in the window’s glass will make it difficult to see and read the displayed graphics. Alternatively, if the track is installed too far away from the window, your display frame graphics will not be clearly visible to people standing at the window.

My suspended ceiling is made of 60x60 foam tiles, and it is impossible to install tracks on the window sill. Is it possible to install my window?

Yes, it is possible. In order to do so, you must insert a wooden bracket inside your ceiling, measuring at least the length of a track to increase the contact surface. You will be able to later connect the track to the wooden bracket using a large wood screw which will go through the tiles and attach to the wooden bracket.

What is the minimum size of the dedicated service entrance in the suspended ceiling, in which to locate the power supply?

This will depend on the space inside your ceiling, and whether you will be able to install the power supply upright. The various sizes available are as follows:

  • 150W power supply - 199mm length x 98mm width x 38mm height
  • 90W power supply - 145mm length x 60mm width x 32mm height
  • 60W power supply - 125mm length x 50mm width x 31mm height

What type of screws should I use to install my display window?

This depends on what the walls or ceiling are made of. Simply ensure that the head of the screw is larger than the hole in the track.

  • Concrete Ceiling/Wall: Metallic/plastic dowel with multi-purpose screw.
  • Plasterboard Ceiling/Wall: Expandable metallic dowel.
  • Aluminium Ceiling/Wall/Window frame: Self-drilling screw.
  • IPN: We do not recommend installing your window display on IPN. Drilling in IPN makes the steel structure more fragile and can lead to problems with the unit’s rigidity. If you would like to install your display window on IPN, we would not be able to accept any liability for damage to the frame and fixing system or property.
  • For any other materials, please contact your supplier for advice.

Can we use VitrineMedia display panels in an external display box? Under what circumstances can it be done?

Yes. The first thing to ensure is that the box is large enough to accommodate the tracks. The box must be waterproof and ventilated. If the display box is exposed to direct sunlight, install a UV protective film on the glass.

Powering your displays

I will be having some building work done before my display is installed. What should I ensure in terms of electricity?

We recommend that you ensure one power point in a case per display window for connection to the power supply. Always ensure an access for installation and maintenance.

What is the maximum number of display panels that I can put on a single column?

Restrictions for the One, Two, C2 Max and New I Max are as follows:

  • A4 - 8 display panels
  • A3 - 7 display panels
  • A2 - 4 display panels
  • A1 -2 display panels
  • A0 - 1 display panel

For the Super Light range, there are even more restrictions:

  • A4 - 5 display panels
  • A3 - 4 display panels

Please always ensure that the required power consumption does not exceed the nominal output of the power supply. Note that for each A4 display frame there is a 5W consumption, and 7.5W for an A3 display frame...etc.

How many tracks can be connected together before it is necessary to add an additional power supply on the other side?

It depends on the number of display frames you want to use. We recommend that you add an inversed end-piece after the fourth track.

What happens if the installation goes over the nominal 150W output of the power supply?

In this case, we recommend that you add another power supply at the opposite side of your tracks. If this is not possible, you should link the four ended cable which is plugged into your track onto the two power supply. We recommend that you connect one positive and one negative cable to at least one of the power supplies using a domino. Please ensure the polarity is respected.

Is there a minimum distance to respect between each column?

Yes, there is, for the C2 Max and New I Max seeing that the display panel fixtures serve as electrical contacts and if they touch, this can lead a short circuit and black discoloration of the fixtures. We recommend that you leave at least a 5cm spacing between columns. However, for the other models. It all depends on your sense of aesthetics and design.

How many display panels can I install in my display window?

Other than the height limitation of your display window, you have the ability to install as many display panels as you wish. You will only need to pay attention not to exceed the nominal power output of the power supply. Note that for each A4 display frame there is a 5W consumption, and 7.5W for an A3 display frame...etc. However, you can install multiple power supplies on the same window display.

Can I power two window displays with only one power supply? (One track to the left and one to the right of the power supply).

Yes, you can power even more than two window displays as long as the power requirement of the display frames does not exceed the nominal power output of the power supply. Note that for each A4 display frame there is a 5W consumption, and 7.5W for an A3 display frame...etc.

How many VM Wall columns can I connect together?

It will depend on the nominal power output of your power supply. Note that for each A4 display frame there is a 5W consumption, and 7.5W for an A3 display frame...etc.

How do I connect a dimmer? (How do we differentiate between the negative and positive cables?)

Unfortunately, our cables do not currently have a visual reference allowing you to differentiate between them. But it is easy to work out by tracing the cable back to the connecting jacks on the track.

Why are there multiple types of power supplies?

VitrineMedia offers three types of power supplies. 60W, 90W and 150W. The power supply to be used in your installation will depend on the quantity of the display frames connected to it. Note that for each A4 display frame there is a 5W consumption, and 7.5W for an A3 display frame...etc.

What power intensity is needed in my circuit breaker for the display window?

The ideal is to have a 16A circuit breaker, especially if there are other lines connected below. If it is a circuit breaker exclusively for the display window, a 10A is sufficient.

I received my packages for my window display installation, the track fixtures are different, one red and one blue, why is that?

The Red fixture indicates the positive (+) and the Blue fixture indicates the negative (-). The Red fixture (+) must always be installed to the right when facing the window display from inside the store/space.

The green led on my power supply is blinking. Why?

This means that there is a short circuit on your display window. Check that none of the cables are  touching each other, or ensure the fixtures are making good contact with the inside of the  track  and not touching any of the mounting screws.

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