International Standard

Power Supply

The VitrineMedia power supplies range from 60W to 150W and run on 24V. Positioned between your power source and the VitrineMedia rail (or other display system), the power supply stabilises the outgoing electric current and provides a 24V to the entire display. The power supply is safety tested and has thermal protection to avoid overheating and power surges. The power supply is equipped with an innovative system which ensures it will turn off in the event of any malfunction.

Power Box

The Power Box is a 150W power supply which has been designed for use with larger displays of frames such as within a window system. Well designed and providing added security, the Power Box is protected from power surges and overheating. It is recommended that the Power Box is wall mounted as it must be fitted at least 50cm above the floor to provide adequate ventilation. The Power Box is designed to shut down if its temperature becomes too high, if a short circuit occurs or if the power runs above 220V. If the power source is higher than 150W, the Power Box will only supply 150W. The Power Box is equipped with a switch which allows you to set the power supply to a lower voltage.

VitrineMedia Display System

This professional display panel installation system features everything you need to install your first row of illuminated poster frames. This system makes installing your display panels much easier and uses only one power supply per display panel. You benefit from a flexible product which adapts to your specific needs. Allowing you to move the columns, and mix different models. This ceiling installation is comprised of a rail connected to a starter kit which ensures the connection.

Tilted Fixing Set

Suitable for the VM Double C2 Max and I Max frames, the Tilted Fixing Set allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your illuminated display frame. Using a system of pulleys, the displayed frames can be easily tilted from a 10 to 45 degree angle. This ensures displayed frames can be positioned in the most effective way to suit your window display design. In order to use the Tilted Fixing Set, a column kit is also required.

Tilted Screen Kit

The fixation kit for display screens allows you to adjust your display panel and makes it possible for the frame to be tilted. Indeed, the pulleys allow you to choose the tilting angle from 10 to 45 degrees. In order to complete the display window this product should be used in conjunction with the inclined column kit.

Maintenance Kit

Give your window display all the attention it deserves! Find everything you need to care for your display panel in your maintenance kit. The pack contains anti-smudge liquid, a static-free cloth, a pair of cotton hypoallergenic gloves, the VitrineMedia User Guide containing all the necessary information regarding caring for your panels.

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