Rigorous testing

The LED poster frames we have designed, from the classic VM One to our newest I Max frame have all undergone rigorous testing in accordance with European and international standards to ensure our products are certified and reliable. In addition, we make every effort to reduce the quantity of hazardous materials contained in our products, in line with requirements of the European RoHS guidelines.

8 years of innovation

At VitrineMedia UK, we are dedicated to innovation in the field of LED display systems. Our research and development department consistently refines our offering with advances to our LED frames that improve their luminosity, durability, practicality and ease of installation. In addition, our versatile display fixing systems are regularly improved to meet the ever evolving requirements of our clients.

A network of regional suppliers

Our suppliers are located around the UK to ensure you are given the highest possible standard of support, at a local level, when you purchase any VitrineMedia product. Our supplier network can be viewed on the Where to Buy page and is organised by industry sector.

Where to Buy