Designed for use with our full range of LED-lit poster frames, this backlighting film will help to enhance your printed graphics for illuminated display.

The paper features a special lustred side which enhances the illumination of the graphic one it is placed within an LED light frame. To achieve the best results using the 125g backlit paper, we recommended that you follow our special printing technique. Firstly, prior to printing, the graphic image should be reversed (to create a mirror image of your graphic/design). The print should then be applied to the more porous, matt side of the paper, which enables the ink to sink into the paper. When the graphic is turned round to view from the lustred side, the image will appear with greater definition and clarity and will be more effectively illuminated once placed within your chosen frame.

Available in 20 or 100 sheet packs in both A4 and A3 dimensions, the 125g paper is suitable for use with an ink jet printer.


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